Friendship and Loyalty

It is preposterous to think that dating issues can be placed aside while a woman and a man become just friends. The ranging debate between the two genders that God created is that, it is possible to have a friendship that does not pass the elbow.

That man and women can be able to leave and stay side-by-side together as they discuss different issues, from the issues of politics, literature relationships and sex without reawakening any feelings. It is alleged that a woman plus a man can just meet Friendship day 2018 images lunch, dinner or coffee not to discuss about issues of love and dating, but to share the current political climate, about the kind of partners they are looking for other issues that don’t include romance or any issue of a relationship against each other.

What many people, mostly women, are saying it could happen. I tend to differ vehemently, because whoever came up with this was lacking in something to say. This is saying man and woman can now begin to take part in dating relationships without falling in love or breaking apart. It is a lack of respect to the human feelings to think that many put a very beautiful woman with a shapely body and firm breasts and a handsome man, who is muscular in the same table to be friends without ending in your bed or starting a dating relationship.

This is toughest of ideas who were floated by as well as women women, as they try to after thousands of years to separate man and woman from their own inherent attraction. It’s a superfluous assumption. It’s just like telling people to having affairs with impunity and simply no strings attached. Eve within the confines of Eden never keep the forbidden fruit between the core of her legs created Adam to have fun.