Michele Bachmann Wears Heavy Makeup for GOP Debate November 2011 (Pictures)

4 major GOP president prospects of the U.S. presidential election, including Michele Bachmann met in Washington Tuesday for the Republicans debate on national safeness on Tuesday, the road November . Michele Bachmann, who has just treated the controversy surrounding your spouse appearance on Monday ersus “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” show, was all the smiles as she followed out to debate problems. Before focusing on Michele Bachmann s a wide range of unsubstantiated claims in Tuesday’s GOP debate, we they were totally distracted by our representative s make on.

Michele Bachmann seemed flow over the stage, wearing numerous makeup. Her natural seem to be was hidden beneath clleular layers of foundation, blusher, concealer, eye shadow as excellent as eye-liner and lip stick. Michele Bachmann, who spent $ , on any stylist, was captured thick made-up her eyes and thus lips for the Republicans National Security Debate taught by CNN. The -year-old president candidate donned the right white skirt suit properly black top and completed silver necklace and diamond stud earrings for the event. However, with bikinilijn laseren about Bachmann potentially “leaking” classified material and her number attached to unsubstantiated claims on currently the debate, it seems whom even heavy make-up could be no match for an option s misfortunes.

Michele Bachmann s avis suggesting that the Pro’s cannot interrogate terrorist thinks any longer hurt your partner’s due to a be lacking of believability. However, him or her disagreement with Rick Perry about whether to produce aid to Pakistan want to have been an wonderful point for her. Bachmann wanted appeared at the Republicans debate on Tuesday, The fall of , , wearing deeply make-up From left Herman Cain, Former CEO Godfather’s Pizza, Newt Gingrich, First Speaker of the House, and Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Newt Gingrich brings in a point as Michele bachmann listens Michele Bachmann established a number of unverified claims in Tuesday’s Republicans debate Eight Republicans transported part in the large security debate sponsored to CNN Related links Bachmann wanted s Husband and Just a few Children Mitt Romney to obtain President Race Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley & Victoria’s Method Angels without Makeup